new, new, and new.

new, new, and new.

Lately there have been a lot of new things happening around here.

We have new paint downstairs – yay! Hi-Ho Silver is now on the walls where we used to have Dusty… something. Plains? Grains? I don’t know, it was a lighter color, brown base, and we were just ready to move away from it. Photos to come. Gray is amaaaazing.

Because we had to empty off my shelves and dust everything down (finally!) I made myself organize my books as I put them back. I am SO glad I did. SO GLAD. It’s a gorgeous new look for the shelf to be honest. I also pulled duplicates from the DVDs and Blurays which has been driving me mad. I ended up with a little bit of extra room and Dewey Decimal-ed the very few non-fiction I keep in the Family Room. Most are in the Music Room on the those shelves… OH and my comics are all organized and taunting me! Can you believe it’s been weeks, months even? Maybe? Since I bought my newest trade paperback and I haven’t so much as peeked in the front cover! I’m hoping to get a couple more before our cruise this September, but plan save-your-new-books is working!

My newest manga selection has been helping too! I’ve started Sailor Moon, finally. I read Volume 1, 2, and started 3 while we were camping at Whitcomb Creek County Park over Independence Day. It’s been fun and keeps me away from my new Power Girl and Harley Quinn trade that screeches my name every time I walk by the shelf. And Luna’s wonderful! Plus the little girls have taken a liking to it. Even Charlie requested I read it to her a few times while we were camping. More about our camping trip soon.

On the gaming end of things, after seeing Warcraft in theaters I decided to try my hand at Warcraft again. It’s been fun, and a new pastime that’s keeping me busy during my rare off-hours. I finally hit level 20, I’m on a promotional free-try-me thing right now that let me go past level 2o and I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it is. Because, MOUNTS. No more 15 years of walking to the next quest. Hallelujah, I looove my brown mare. I tried out a new server as well and am trying to take steps away from being ranged. My usual character is some variation of a hunter. My highest level character currently is Virg, she’s a human Hunter, ranged (obviously) with a pet wolf. I’m trying out my hand with Gless, my new human Paladin. So far it’s been fun. New, definitely, but a nice change. I don’t enough fun money to fork out the money for a subscription so I figure this will be a good way to have something to do once my trial expires and Virg is maxed out. So playing a new character is fun but I already miss my mount… and Archimedes! (My pet.) Obviously with four kids, I don’t get to play very often, but it’s a nice escape from time to time.

Just filled out my new spread for the week in my new planner.

My new purse should be arriving on Wednesday.

I’m actually going to go school shopping early this year. The stores have everything out like they always do, ridiculously early. But last year we had a hard time getting some of the required items for Duncan, certain color folders and the like. Everything is community at their school (ugh!) so it’s not even a matter of he couldn’t get the cool Mario folder or pencils he wanted, etc. It’s just that everything is SO picked through that you can’t even find a red folder. Usually I hold out and do things at the appropriate time, but I’m going to try something new this year and just get it done ahead of time.

The kids all got new backpacks today (minus Olivia, apparently all the cool Middle School kids don’t use them.) That was Stage 1 of the above paragraph.

A new lineup of concerts for the summer are in my calendar and ready to go.

Olivia leaves for Girls’ Camp tomorrow morning – definitely a new thing in our family. She’ll be gone through Saturday!

New hair is coming soon. Not super new. Just you know… new. We’ll see…

And the new office is basically done! Really, I’m just a perfectionist and am angry with the rug situation, the unfinished chair, and the real-life much that crowds up my desktop. Once I’ve cleaned up a bit and finished the drawers (or maybe before the drawers because I’m struggling with what to put in what drawer for some reason…) I’ll post photos. Of it FINALLY DONE! Sweet victory.

I’m also making an effort to write more. It’s something that is truly therapeutic for me. I’ve decided that it doesn’t have to be on here, or long, or interesting, or even make sense. If I end up just brain dumping into a GoogleDoc, that’s okay too. That’s a new concept for me, kind of no strings attached but seriously, you’re 30, get your butt in gear. We’ll see where it ends up. Not sure if I’ll pick up where I left off with the last book (HA, I hate calling it that) or start something new. We’ll see.

All right. Back to life. Until next time.

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