The blog I’ve been following – though, I’ll admit, I’m behind and on Day 4 when it’s been many more days – is now asking for practice. Essentially, to go out there and put all this positive thinking and practice writing and commitment to show for something. Kind of an odd one to throw in the beginning of a long writing workshop. The suggestions given were:

  1. Pitch a magazine you want to write for.
  2. Ask a friend (or stranger) to guest post on his/her blog.
  3. Publish something on your blog you’ve never shared before.
  4. Submit that book proposal.

And my thoughts…

  1. Pitching to a magazine isn’t too far-fetched at this point. It’s definitely an interesting thought. But to be honest – I’m not really ready to go handing out sample work. I would need to get sample work that I’m proud of first, ha! I’ve written for a long time but never published anything. It’s never really that simple, is it? Maybe this would be something to look into. Get sample content from a magazine somewhere and focus on trying to get an article published? Worth a shot.
  2. I’m not sure I know anyone that has a large following that would be interested in my content to begin with. Not only is it scatterbrained and probably wrong in all of the “right things to do to have a great blog” ways, it’s just very personal. On the other hand, it would be an easy thing to push out. Just write a post that is applicable to those categories and perhaps in the right niche for a blog and just shoot out an emailed proposal. Worst they could do is say no, right? (And crush my hopes and dreams… ha!)
  3. Publishing something on my blog I’ve never shared before isn’t too exciting. I just recently did that, kind of coming out of the writer’s closet. Risking my sanity and my ability to feel COOL on this beast. Insert Sunglasses Smiley Emoticon. Because that’s so happening. Right now. So, yeah, been there done that.
  4. SUBMIT a book proposal?! Dude, it’s DAY FOUR. Not four hundred. A little too fast, if you ask me. Might want to, you know FINISH the book before feeling the need to submit it? I don’t even feel I have enough content to elicit a free look through/opinion from an editor yet. Phfft. Submit, hilarious.

So here’s my practice for today. I might throw up afterward. No laughing.

I’m currently working on a book.

Sweet golden Homer Buddha, that’s a terrifying thought. What if I never finish it? What if it’s terrible? What if everyone hates that one of the characters has an Irish name and is difficult to pronounce? Did everyone get over the fact that were all saying Her-moyn instead of Hermione? (No, I have no idea why my brain switched the o and i and called her Her-moyn. That’s so not the point.)

I want to be good. I think I can be good. I have a long, long, long road ahead of me, but it’s exciting! It’s something that I can look forward to and grow alongside. That seems to be my big push for this year, finding a way I can grow. I’ve been so busy trying to keep my head above water that I’ve moved backwards in many ways. So, here I go! Growing! Yay me and my “practice”.

Now, you can all sit and wait for my novel to hit the shelves! Feel free to send me boxes of doughnuts for energy and freshly sharpened pencils to throw at my ceiling. It’ll make things more entertaining.


2 thoughts on “Practice?

    1. It’s sci-fi with a bit of romance thrown in, at least that’s the idea so far. I’m excited but still very very early on in the process. 😊

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