Hello, stranger.

Hello, stranger.

I kinda disappeared. Sorry, about that. I’m currently writing this on an app with my phone – and not at my desk. My carpal tunnel and nerve issues have flared up and are eager for some attention. Between my planner weighing down my new purse, my pillow being slightly too high for my neck, and all the time spent at my not-so-ergonomic-desk writing, it was bound to happen. While I did write a good scene on Friday, I’m attempting to do some not-at-my-desk work. This includes laundry, organizing, reading, and all the mom junk I usually get stuck with.
I’m looking into some ideas for ergonomics with my current chair but it hasn’t been promising. So instead of biting the bullet and buying a new one, I’ve been distracting myself with Netflix series (Stranger Things! Stop reading this, go watch it!), Beatles songs on the guitar, and finding extremely round-a-bout ways of hanging televisions on walls. True story. (Check my instagram feed for details.)

In other news, the kids now have a cave. Cameron’s currently hanging drywall and installing a light fixture and electrical outlet. We knocked the wall down behind the storage closet underneath the stairs and it was love at first sight. The kids are all eager to get in. I’m trying to pretend it won’t just get trashed like all the other rooms they claim. #momlife, right?

I’m off to go procrastinate picking photos of the kids for a few frames I picked up, Google info on ergonomics, and probably read through some old manuscripts from highschool while munching on animal crackers and Nutella. Don’t be jealous.

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