Baby word counts.

Baby word counts.

This last week was busy. Well, “busy”. Sometimes I feel like we’re busy doing just normal, everyday type things at home. It just doesn’t feel like real life busy. Some days it even feels lazy – who would feel good about spending an entire day cleaning someone else’s bedroom? Or washing, drying, and folding 35 fleece blankets? Ugh. There’s definitely progress going on getting those things done, but it doesn’t always feel like moving mountains and winning awards. At least, for normal people? Maybe I’m not giving you guys enough credit. I know I [sometimes] like adulting and enjoy the mundane awards for folding linens and organizing my girls’ Barbies from Shopkins. Maybe you do too?

Then there are other weeks where we’re literally calendar busy with multiple appointments throughout the week plus Storytime at the library, Concerts in the Park on Tuesday evenings, Mutual (for Liv) on Wednesdays, maybe a date night that weekend, etc. This last week was the former. We had a few obligations but it wasn’t crazy town. Duncan was gone for most of the week with my sister, Olivia was gone through Wednesday with my parents. So we were away from our normal way of doing things. Disruption throws a wrench in the works.

I also took the week off last week! I didn’t do any writing. Which was weird. I thought it would be a nice break. It was a break more for pain from being at the computer so much  combined with sleep issues. (Our mattress is terrible. I would say that’s another story but that would hint that there’s a large story behind it and there really isn’t. It’s 9 years old, the time has come. We found a new one, ordered it, the end. Hurry up Friday delivery!) Instead, I missed the writing! It made it only an okay-break. But, after some creative sleeping positions, my back/shoulders/neck/etc. did improve. I now sleep like a pregnant woman, pillows stuffed everywhere. Don’t judge! I also propped one of my monitors up on a couple of reams of printer paper, raised my chair, tightened the lean-back tension and then leveled my Hunter, woot! Up to Level 44! and that is helping.

This morning I was back at it! I woke up early without my alarm, so I figured, why not? My word count was low overall, but I did get a lot pushed around on Scrivener and set it up how I want it. For now. I’m only using  Scrivener on a Trial Basis. I may honestly just set up some folders on my Google Drive and make my own version. We’ll see. Right now I need to just focus on writewritewrite! Not analyze, correct, edit, organize, and so forth. While I’m not a big planner before I write, sometimes I do get caught up doing some of that during the writing process. Nothing is good enough, it needs to be perfect! Not a great mantra when you’re just trying to brain dump your ideas and record a rough draft. In school I was the one with the typed rough draft. Or the fewest red marks after self-editing… because I had already stressed over it and took the time to comb through the entire document looking for errors before I brought it in. Oops! Learn to just write and embrace the red pen later! I’m working on that one.

You’ll hear more from me this week, hopefully! I’m focusing on getting more writing done versus the organizational stuff I’ve gotten tied up in lately. Baby steps! Or maybe baby word counts? One word at a time!

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