Lately, we’ve been finding new ways to enjoy our library. Last year, while the kids were in school, Charlie was in Preschool! It was a pinch early for almost all the kids in the co-op (most were turning four) but it was a good way to get her to go hang out with other kids, color some alphabet sheets, power through crafts, etc. Things she doesn’t get to do when Mom feels lazy, ha.

When the co-op ended, I started thinking about what I wanted to do for Charlie’s last year at home. She’ll be in Kindergarten Fall of 2017. (Same time I will be back in school too!) Preschool prices are RIDICULOUS, thus our love of the co-op. But, as we know, I’m an over-doer! In an effort to slow down this next school year for both our family and for myself, I’m going to keep her home and add in a few outside activities.

In preparation for next year’s “preschool” activities, we’ve spent a lot of time at the library during the week for Storytime! I honestly was worried the girls wouldn’t engage and that it wouldn’t be enough to keep them interested. It was preschool age aimed with family/siblings welcome and encouraged, but that didn’t say much. Surprisingly, the girls love it! Rachael won’t get a name tag, she’s too “old” and just wants to be classified as a visitor with Charlie, but she does the songs, listens to the stories, and LOVES the crafts.

Charlie took a little more time to get into it. For one, she was incredibly nervous. The children’s librarian that she’s mumbled to a few dozen times to get games, trade for puzzles, thank, etc. is the one doing the reading and running the program and he’s great. But, Charlie’s just extremely shy when she first starts something. Today she warmed up enough that she was looking at the book he was reading to the group while hanging on his foot. From deathly shy to wiggling her way into people’s personal space bubbles! Go go four-year-old! Le sigh. Needless to say, it’s become her favorite thing to ask about during the week. “Is it time to go see the boy?” (Librarian Mike), “Is today storytime with Libarymike reading again?”, “What day is it? Do we do a craft now?”, etc.

Now for photos!

Won’t even sit on the rug without holding my hand. One day I’ll look back and miss this. One day.
Rey loves being read to.
Making paper fans!
Charlie was DETERMINED to make her OWN flower. She did great, independent stinker.
Rey in her element.
Ahh! Both ON the rug! Progress!
Charlie’s Turtle

Final vote? We love Storytime!

One thought on “Storytime

  1. Oh, it’s been a while since we’ve been to storytime in Woodburn. It looks like it has improved! We just might have to make our way over there again. I like that they do crafts now. I hear ya on the slowing down thing. I’m trying to figure out how to cut wayyy back this coming school year too.

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