Monday, Monday…

Monday, Monday…

Today, Monday was a Monday. When a week starts off with a dentist appointment, how could it be anything but a Monday? The appointment was for Charlie, at least. But it was another slow day. Charlie got to get a free cookie at Roth’s (practically next door to her new Dentist’s office) and I got a little on-the-side grocery shopping done. We made it home barely in time to catch Cameron before he headed back to the office after lunch.

In the spirit of a random, discombobulated blog post, here are some photos of Charlie before her appointment:

And, by the way, do you follow me on Instagram? (That’s a link!) If you don’t – you missed the girls in these ADORABLE dresses. Seriously. You missed out. Here’s an ADORABLE animation. Two, actually. Life gave us lemons and these sweet stinkers put them to good use! ❤







Right?! Told you so.

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