This girl. 

This girl. 

Eta: I wrote this earlier last week and never ended up publishing it. Whoops! 

This girl right here.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized she kinda looks like me. Just a little. I only catch it in glimpses, here and there. I’ve never understood how someone can look at me and then look at my oldest or my youngest (or the two in between) and be blown away at how much they look like me. How’s that possible when I don’t see it?

Then I catch a moment like this. On “film” nonetheless, right? PERMANENT PROOF. I’m in there somewhere.

During our last grocery shopping trip, Rachael came along to help. She picked caramels and some taffy from the bulk section – verrrry carefully, mind you, for her treat. I was a little worried but thought it couldn’t hurt. They’re not too sticky, right?


A certain someone popped out her filling when she tried to sneak a little second breakfast in the form of sweets. She put it in a baggie and brought it up to me, “Mom, what is this?” I was worried she had chewed too hard on one spot and had broken off a piece of her tooth. But Cam looked at it and said he thought it looked like a filling. 

So, off we went to the dentist – they got us in at noon and Rachael took it very seriously.

Cute outfit with matching flower clip? Check.

Little sister in tow so she could play with waiting room toys and then bask in the glory of an after-dentist, courtesy kids’ cookie from Roth’s? Check.

Tiny baggie with filling safely sealed inside? Check.

Total and complete confidence walking into the office? Check.

They didn’t end up fixing the filling that came out. It turns out her big-kid tooth is already pushing up against it so they think it’ll come out ahead of schedule anyway. They fixed up the side of the tooth next to it that was a little chipped (probably from accidentally chewing on a detached filling!) and sent her on her way. However, before she left, they gave her the typical warning of no crunchy food for the rest of the day and to remember to stay away from sticky things from now on. And in typical Rachael style she’s taking everything to heart. This is serious stuff now.

So far we’ve detected and survived the following:

  • Discussing who is going to get her leftover candy. She’s decided she’ll trade daddy for a different, non-crunchy, non-sticky treat. We’ve yet to decide what that is.
  • Guilt crying over eating a “crunchy” popsicle at a friend’s house. (Despite my explanation that her popsicle was probably not the crunchy the Dentist meant, just that it was frozen and semi-crunchy.)
  • Panicking during dinner, trying to decide what she’s going to eat for dessert because she only has her treats! (We settled on string cheese.)

She’s so sensitive and so feisty all wrapped into one. No wonder she struggles with anxiety at seven years old. 



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  1. Heyy you 😍I absolutely love this one. It reaches me all the way to my core 😘

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