Hair is coming.

Hair is coming.

This week has been a little chaotic already. Olivia went back to school on Monday – 7th grade! What? Crazy. She is a bouncy ball of attitude and personality which ends up driving me up the wall most days. Good thing I love her!

She has her own style and it’s fun to see the different outfits she puts together. Her aunt gave her an AMAZINGLY “so-Olivia” dress this last weekend and she wore it to church on Sunday. Combined with her new haircut, nude platform sandals, and a jacket – oh, child. I totally should have used the mom-card and insisted on a photoshoot…

First day:


This was the day she got it chopped, chopped like – a LOT, sitting with Rey. Who is this happy, friendly, tweenie creature?

(I’m pretty sure virtual llama farming makes them both very, very happy.)

The middle two kidlets don’t start school until Thursday. They’re SO ready to go back to school. Read, I’M so ready for them to go back to school and they’re the normal amount of excited.

This week I’ve been busy planning (at home and at school) for the library! It’s been chaotic all on its own to say the least. I haven’t been feeling 100% lately and it’s sort of trickling down into all my other endeavors. But! Things are on the up and up. I can do this!

Oops. Side tracked.

Back to the Library! Our space was basically cut in half. The library for my middle two kids’ school is in the Multipurpose Room at the school and in order to make better use of the space we had to switch some things around! The principal did a great job of doing everything (almost everything?) himself and after, I’m sure, a long summer – it’s done! The other co-librarian and I worked our tails off in there yesterday to get more books purged and weeded through, other books shelved, and retained our sanity! It did go fast though, Tawana is a rock star! I forgot to take picture but I’m headed back tomorrow morning and I will grab some then. It’s crazy the amount of books we’re weeding out of our system and how many more we have to go! Eesh! Happily, everything should be manageable by the time we leave on Wednesday. Just in time for the students to arrive on Thursday.

But the big excitement of this week, and the post’s namesake, HAIR IS COMING. It’s been so long since I last colored my hair and it so so so needs it. I’ve switched to having it cut with a razor, which is absolutely AMAZEBALLS. That plus my undercut, some substantial thinning, and my asymmetrical cut? It’s been amazing. This time around we’re weaving back to blond, adding some purple in a few spots, and just enjoying the fresh shave, fresh ends, and fresh color. I cannot even begin to tell you how this changes my entire outlook on life. When mom has a bad hair day? Watch out. When mom is having bad hair day after bad hair day after bad hair day? It generally means her hair has grown out (thicker) and down (awkwardly) and just needs a good thinning and chop. I am SO. READY. This week could use a harsh pick-me-up.

More back to school photos are on their way!

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