What’s new?

What’s new?

Isn’t it funny when people ask you “what’s new with you guys?” or “what’s going on with you?” Sure, just friendly chitchat. Despite its crippling effects of realizing you have NO legitimate response. Right? Think about it.

Well, the other day I was feeling nice so I unloaded part of the dishwasher for Duncan. He repaid my by yelling at me and refusing to do his dinner job. Motherhood is my favorite. (Meh, a little sarcastic.)

I cleaned up two beds that were peed in! It was very different from my usual one bed per morning routine. Exciting! (TMI?)

I saw a great t-shirt with a Supernatural quote on it, “Driver picks the music, Shotgun shuts his cakehole.” I felt all excited and realized it would make a great cross stitch pattern. I was going to go draft it up and feel good about the whole project, but then I got distracted by exhaustion and took a nap instead. (Too pathetic for public announcement.)

I made DINNER. This may come as a surprise for the category of “something new”. But, when you spend hours creating an aisle-by-aisle mapped out grocery list that teams perfectly with the month’s new menu, you’re too exhausted from shopping for 6 people for 30 days to cook. (Ooh, no. This would require admitting that I don’t “have it all together”.)

Today I peed with the door closed! (Saaaaad, mama. Just sad.)

Not much, mostly the same old mom gig. *smile* (Genius!)

Recently I’ve added to this response by discussing school goals or quickly recalling something adorable one of my nerdlings recently did. Tip: Kids are always doing something, whether it’s cute or annoying, and it always makes for good conversation.

Strikethrough or not – how do you respond?

Psst… that red-colored link up there? Totally worth it. Well, regardless of Sammy’s disdain for Black Sabbath and Metallica. Tsk tsk. One day I might actually catch up on Supernatural. I’m currently finishing the last of Season 9 of The X-Files. 


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