The Birthday Month

The Birthday Month

Note: Yes, I’m still here! There’s sometimes so much I want to say, but I have a hard time pushing it down and out the ends of my fingers.  Sometimes I process out loud. But processing in writing tends to flick the switch on my editing mode. When something’s bothering me and I process it vocally, it just comes out and what’s said is said, you can’t go back and edit. But when I process on paper or on virtual paper, it’s all too easy to edit. So there’s a lot of second guessing my written stream-of-consciousness. (Yes, even that sentence!) In the end, the post is more organized than it started, and that’s okay, but it does significantly lengthen the process.

That being said, there isn’t something bothering me now, ha! RANDOM, what can I say? But! The thought does still apply to normal things like reporting current events, sharing photos, etc. It always feels like there’s a right way to do it, and my way just isn’t. One day.

Current events! February has hit us again and we’ve officially celebrated the first of four birthdays this month.

Our little family gatherings are almost always incredibly simple and low-key. Especially since most of my birthday resources go to kiddo parties. Or sorry – TWEEN and kiddo parties. You know, because Mom planning games and organized chaos at parties is just SO. NOT. COOL. But at the little family one on the night of your birthday? Mom reigns, child. Well, kinda.

Duncan chose Chicken Crescents for his birthday dinner, and Coffee Cake for his birthday cake. As much as I love to obsess over something not looking enough like a birthday cake, this was kind of a relief. This month I will make cakes/cupcakes/etc. SEVEN times. Literally. #momlife

This cake was a bit complicated as far as all the side things I needed to have ready. But the recipe was super easy to follow, and came together great. Will Bake For Books shared it on her blog and I found it there via Pinterest. I’ve never baked anything of her’s before, but I certainly will again! The cake was more complicated than your average cake when you know you’ve got six more cakes to go that month (i.e. BOX cake!) but considering how good it was, and how good it looked! It was amazing and so worth it! Even Charlie ate it. Check it out!

Next up is Rachael’s birthday party with friends, her birthday at home, her baptism, family visiting… I’ll just stop. It’s a long list and a busy month.

This is a shorter post but hopefully that means I’ll be back for more. Right?

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