Quick drop in to say hi. As was the case in February I am still in school. The finish line for this term is coming, I can almost taste it.

Birthdays in February were a success, including mine which hadn’t happened yet during my last post. I shared photos of gifts on Instagram and we ended up spending my birthday weekend in Lincoln City with my parents at their beach house there. It was  a nice break from our usual. LOTS of games from family and extended family, saw whales from the beach house (for the first time!), and Cameron made an apple pie for my “cake” – we get tired of cake, as you can imagine.

Things are going pretty well! It was a great February.

There are big things a-brewin’ in our future. BIG. I can feel it, and while some things are in my control and exciting, others are still developing and unknown. Life movement! More to come… if I survive finals!

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