Adventures on the farm. Kinda.

Adventures on the farm. Kinda.

This last Tuesday we had our home inspection. Finally! I feel like every step on this path to selling our home and buying our new home feels so disorienting on how time passes! Logically, I know it’s all normal amounts of time that are passing for these kind of things to take place, if not less than normal! We are presenting a bit of a time crunch to our awesome realtors! But it all feels like – okay, next step is this. WAIT TEN YEARS FOR NEXT STEP. When in reality, time has passed normally and all the normal people involved are impressed with the ability to stay on schedule. I should also note that when I’ve never done something before, I tend to get a little over-analytical and anxious. Who would have guessed, right?!

So, back to my point. Inspection! It was another be-out-of-your-house appointment and without our trusty McDonald’s playplace back in business, I ran the kids over to Bauman Farms to play on the many play structures, slides, trikes, and even a mini barn with goats, chickens, and more tiny farm critters. We didn’t feed any animals as Charlie could barely handle the smell without incessantly whining about the “gross” and “dirty” things in the barn. (We must be related.)

But even she still had fun.

Here are a few highlights. (And yes, I’m noticing that even Rey is starting to escape the lens. Duncan was here with us [though not pictured] but Olivia was visiting her aunt and uncle in Independence. These nerdlings love hiding from me!)

Standees are Charlie’s favorite thing in the world. She loves them. Obsessively. “MY FAVORITE THING! Mom mom mom! TAKE MY PICTURE!” We clearly need to take this kid back to Depoe Bay and the many, many fun standees there.

So, even though mom may be lost in an endless, growing, what’s-next obsession – at the least the kids are enjoying the fun mixed in the chaos! 15 days to go!


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