So, while this is a little backward – I can’t just leave out our fun first trip to Idaho! Our first… very impromptu throw-everything-into-the-car-let’s-drive-out-of-state trip ever. But we survived, it worked.

We all piled into the Acadia, sans Liv who decided to forgo all the endless hours of driving and stayed with her Grandparents. We drove and drove and drove – not a great first trip with the constant traffic issues we battled the first couple of hours, and a late start, but we eventually got out far enough that the traffic slowly disappeared. Mostly.

And it was all worth it, because you go just far enough and suddenly you can get gas from a DINOSAUR. A DINOSAUR, GUYS.

Duncan remembered the Sinclair dinosaur from our Utah days, but the little girls were too young (or not even in utero yet!) Regardless, they were stoked and couldn’t have cared less why the giant green dinosaur was in front of the gas station, they just wanted their picture with it. And to announce its existence EVERY time they saw it.

I also made Liv send me a selfie so I could include her in our documented insanity… #hipmom! (She’s cringing as we speak.)

We arrived late in the evening at our hotel in Boise and all crashed pretty quickly. The next morning we met up with some friends in Meridian and they fed us an amazing breakfast. The kids quickly got to playing and catching up, and even skipped out on the house hunting with mom and dad… (thanks, Em & Shaun!)

After our breakfast we met up with our Idaho realtor and saw five or six houses. My favorite was already off the market, Cam’s favorite was available, and we prayed it would still be available when the time came.

After looking at houses and saying thank you (repeatedly! so nice looking at houses without kids, ha!) and goodbye to our friends, we packed up back into our very dirty car and hit the road for Utah. If we’re already in Idaho, and only 5-1/2 hours to West Jordan? Why not! It had been far too long since we saw our family there and decided to make the most of the short time we did have together!

We arrived in Utah late Friday night. We crashed, every day more miles, every day a new bed.

While visiting their Meme & Pops the kids also got to go swimming in the pool at the new condo! They were delighted to be out of the car for a longer period of time. But to be in the sunshine and playing in the water? Even better! And with a cousin!

And here’s Rachael, going to get back in the pool. Except it’s not. IT’S CHARLIE. Can you believe that she’s grown up so much? Every time I look at this photo I have to do a double take. If it weren’t for the suit, and the just-too-straight hair, I’d barely be able to tell the difference! Kinder this year, people. Where does the time go?

After the kids swam at Meme & Pop’s pool, we headed over to Tarra & Dane’s house for a quick, fun barbecue before we drove back to Idaho. While in Utah, Cameron took me to see a Tahoe (he’s been pressuring me for a switch for a while) and we loved it, so we went for it. Except now, that meant we were driving two cars home, not just one. Cameron had to be back in town the next evening (Sunday) and we weren’t sure we could make it in two cars and 12-1/2 hours with no significant driving breaks. We had to cut our visit just a pinch short but it was worth it to cut the drive in half, and you know, not die.

We so enjoyed the time we got to spend with our big family! Can you believe that this isn’t even all of my nieces and nephews? Not to mention Victor back in Oregon, and my sisters being pregnant! Eesh! Let me tell you – it’s a LOT of birthday cards! But it’s so worth it!

And then, in what felt like just hours since we were last in the car, we were in the car again. Back to Idaho.

We crashed at our friends’ house that night and left again the next morning. I brought donuts for breakfast and probably totally ruined their children for church… sugar high!

Eventually we made it back, safe and sound, and somehow I scraped together the energy to clean out the Acadia (which I drove the whole way home) and empty all compartments, seat pockets, etc. and Cam gave her a quick pressure wash. We put a few things into the Tahoe, while I grumbled about getting a bigger car that somehow has managed to have LESS storage space.

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Meet Hawn. Shiny.

So there it is! The story of us packing up our crazy lives on a whim, driving all over the NW, and then coming home with two cars.

Yeah, we’re nuts.

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