Treading potatoes?

Treading potatoes?

I keep popping in, trying to think of something to say. We’ve left Oregon officially, making this – finally – a useful little corner of the internet for those looking to hear news. The problem is, generally to post about news, you must have news! We’re a pretty relaxed family, we don’t get too crazy, but this also makes things a little uneventful.

I’ve been desperately missing my usual game time, which I need to be better and post more about. I have this hang up that people will be uninterested. But let’s face it! You may already be uninterested! And I started this blog, ultimately, for me! If you subscribe, you’ll get an email each time I post and you can quickly scan the writing or glance at the title – worthy? Read! Not? Delete. Simple as that. So I figure, if it’s for me then I’m going to write about it. Why not? My job is to post and share the content. Not your cup of tea? No biggie. Your job is to either whine at/ignore/delete the ones that aren’t of interest. Or, even better, let me know! Are you dying to know just how many potatoes we’ve encountered since moving to the Spud State?! Ask! I’ll draft up a whole post. Just for you!

Anyway! The big kids (11 and 13) have been obsessing over Tomb Raider lately. While I don’t have a problem with them playing the game, it’s a bit steep to do in front of the little girls. But seeing as my PS3 resides in the family room – the hub of our home, if you will – this is a difficult task. They’ve taken to swapping days and playing in the 15-20 minutes between the time that they get home from school and the little girls get home from school. So far this is working. Mildly. If I weren’t up to my eyeballs in things to do with moving, getting settled, finally remembering to call the new doctor’s office and set up appointments, cleaning, ironing Cameron’s shirt that’s been hiding for a week by the bed… well you get the idea. If I wasn’t drowning in that, I might point out that this could infringe a bit on my own game time. But since I’m such a nice mom (LIV!) I haven’t complained. Yet.

On the fun side, Cameron did discover a cheap theater nearby when we ventured out for a date night a couple weeks ago. I FINALLY got to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – be still my heart – and we found out about $1 Tuesdays! Shortly afterwards, we had an impromptu movie night the following Tuesday with all four kiddos IN a movie theater. It could have gone worse. Charlie didn’t quite understand the quiet aspect, or that the movie was supposed to be “that loud”, or that you can’t ask mom three times every scene if you can go to the bathroom. Once we got past all of that, it was fine. The kids enjoyed their candy and the movie, albeit cheesy, was $6 for all of us when all was said and done!

Terrible [quality] photo. Cheesy movie. Cute kids. #shrug

Ugh. That list up there? The things I’m treading water in and around? I need to get back to those. I’m sure things will calm down and real life will kick back in one of these days.

Don’t quote me on that.

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