about Mel

To keep it short and sweet: I’m your average stay at home mom but with a generous bit of nerd thrown in the mix.

I love to cook and bake. Whether you prefer herbivore baked goods or anything in the meatatarian category like my husband, I can win your heart through your stomach.

I love to read and I’ve managed to pass that craziness down to my children which keeps beds full of books, the eight bookshelves in our house stuffed, and our library basket overflowing. It’s kind of wonderful.

I enjoy doodling/drawing/sketching and am currently having a love-affair with fonts and graphic design. If I wasn’t cheap you’d see a lot of this become very evident on my blog. But luckily for my sanity, and for those that like things to stay the same, I just enjoy my domain and avoid any further customizing, coding, and digging.

I’m wife to my Sweet Baboo of nine years, and mama to my own little brood of nerdlings: Liv, Dunc, Rae, & Chuck.

I love to play games (board, CCG, PC, console, card, etc.) but I don’t get to do so too frequently. Granted, that all depends on whether or not R2D2 Trouble, Cinderella’s Enchanted Slipper, and Don’t Wake Hulk count. (They kinda do.) Some of our recent favorites are Munchkin (card), Nintendo Land: Pikmin (WiiU), and Pokemon (CCG). Obviously my personal PS3 picks of The Last of Us, The Wolf Among Us, Skyrim, and Tomb Raider aren’t super friendly for the little ones.

My blog is an online journal that I update on a [unfortunately] not-so-regular  basis. I try to update every weekday but sometimes life gets in the way and it doesn’t happen – that, however, has been happening regularly since the beginning of my bloggish existence in 2003.

I try to pick up my camera [Nikon D5100] as often as possible and I love being able to document our life. In order to share my obsession, in 2007 my blog was moved and transformed into a place I could share my photos with family and friends. It’s now an easy way to keep everyone up to date with our comings and goings, complete with photos of the kiddos who are [still] growing like weeds.

All in all, you’ve managed to land on my little dot of the internet and I appreciate your visit! Thanks for stopping by!


I wear many hats and have many likes, including but not limited to:

  • photography
  • Star Wars
  • cross-stitch
  • Wonder Woman
  • reading
  • Doctor Who
  • sewing
  • Supernatural
  • writing
  • LEGOs
  • Tolkien
  • singing
  • The X-Files
  • baking and cooking
  • classic Star Trek
  • blogging/writing
  • graphic t-shirts
  • diy-ing
  • running
  • organizing
  • scrapbooking
  • movies
  • decorating
  • Firefly
  • hiking
  • The Beatles
  • embroidery
  • painting my nails
  • graphic design [my limited amounts!]
  • genealogy
  • comics/trade paperbacks
  • knitting
my photography gear

You can email me at: wookieelocks@gmail.com


Have questions? Comment! Email me! Message me on Instagram! Visit my Facebook! Tweet in my general direction. Social media has pretty much made it impossible to NOT be reachable. Want to reach out? Do it!

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