a vegan cupcakery

Cottontail Carrot Cupcakes: a carrot-cupcake with golden raisins and chopped walnuts folded into the batter, topped with cinnamon buttercream frosting festive bunny garnishes.
*Wookieecakes does Weddings!* Happily Ever After: red velvet cupcakes topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and edible pearlescent orbs for garnish.


Sliders, anyone? Lemon cupcake “buns”, chocolate brownie “patties”, and shredded coconut “lettuce”.

Lightly Lemon: a vegan [and soy free] lemon cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting
Almond Joy: a chocolate cupcake with coconut cream filling topped with vanilla buttercream, slivered and roasted almonds, and chocolate crumbles.
Strawberry Strawberry: fresh strawberry-mingled cupcake topped with strawberry fluff frosting.

*Autumn Cupcake Contest Runner-Up!* Pumpkin Chocolate Chip: a pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake with luscious chocolate buttercream frosting, topped with a [non-vegan] candy corn garnish.

 Stay Tuned!

for more information or for help with custom ordering, please contact:

Melissa Wagner (971) 983-9622

or at:


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