Liv’s Birthday Party

Liv’s Birthday Party

Here are Liv’s birthday photos with Cameron’s family.
These were taken at our new apartment.I like how the girl gives Danine a big smile – try and find ONE smile for me in the next photos, lol. Not ONE. Meme Wagner’s just got the touch I guess.

“Tacos” from Danine & Bruce
A new drawing board (YAY!) from Danine & Bruce
Fun “am-ball-ance” from Danine & Bruce for Duncman
Livy opening the Barbie Cards from Gma Cole & Aunt Robin
Books from Mommy & Daddy
More books from Mommy & Daddy
Yeah yeah, we like books, okay?
More books from Mommy & Daddy
(really… we did get her other things as well.)
Opening her present from Angela & Curtis
(Cousins Jordan & Kyla by her side)
Opening present from Brandon & Jessica
Clippies! YAY!
Showing Momma her Barbie
Big girl by her two cakes
(we have a BIG family on Daddy’s side)
Daddy lighting the candles! Happy birthday 3-year-old!
Happy [Beatles] Birthday Mommy//Duncan

Happy [Beatles] Birthday Mommy//Duncan

There was a lap in photos from January to the middle of February
because our camera was with Cameron in Utah.
Can’t take photos from that far away, lol. Here’s Duncan getting ready to try on his new PJs.Part of his [and my] gift from Papa & Gma Tanya were
these Beatles shirts for the kids! AHH! How cool is that!

Duncan sporting Dino PJs.
Here’s Duncan’s little home party.[can’t find the photos… I’ll have to post them later.]