Christmas with Gma Cole

Christmas with Gma Cole

Livy’s new doll from Gma
Duncan’s Winnie the Pooh figurines from Gma
Mini quilt from Gma for the new dolly!
Such a cute little profile – cheeky baby.
The vibrating puppy – a HUGE hit!
“Ahhhhhhhh.” D loving the puppy, while vibrating, of course.

Olivia fell in love with the Nativity Gma got for me for Christmas. Here she is first with:
“Aww, look at the baby Jesus, Momma.
Momma, take a picture, momma.”
“Hi baby Jesus!”
“He’s so cute!”
[she’s VERY dramatic.]
Visiting Grammy & Pa in McMinnville

Visiting Grammy & Pa in McMinnville

Before the kids and I left for Salt Lake City,
we made a stop at Grammy & Pa’s house!
(My Grandma & Grandpa Victor)
Grammy made my temple dress and Christmas outfits for the kids.
Here is Liv in her dress and some shots from while we were there.Liv in her Christmas dress from Grammy.
[Note the wonderful mismatched socks… great job, Mommy!]
Liv being a cheeseball
Duncan with his Christmas Bear & Pa
Livy and her Christmas Bear
Telling Grammy (who bought her the bear) that
“this is my Christmas Bear, Grammy.”
Duncan and the antique highchair

Duncan and the antique highchair

Here’s Duncan on “Christmas” eating with Papa.
Check out Gma Tanya’s cool new antique highchair!
So much more “chic” than Fisher Price…
I want one.

[Dad’s no longer in Peanuts. We’ve seen his head. Hi, Dad.]
Giving that no-smile antique pose. Such a good little baby.
One of Papa’s HUMONGOUS bites.
Aww, I see baby toes!

In the office down the hall…

My sweet girl – growing up so fast.