Just a quick note before I get my butt back into gear this morning – I’m typing this from Duncan’s new room! On the PC that has not run properly in… over two years? YAY for mommy [insert: FINALLY.] getting things up and running. The kids, of course, are thrilled that their little “puter” is back in service. I’m just thrilled that the house is almost starting to feel normal again! Want a little excitement in your life? Don’t rip out all the carpet in the upstairs of a 2,000+ square foot house and install flooring with four children underfoot. You’ll bite off more than you can chew. Well, you will if you’re anything like my-obsessive-compulsive-self. Next time I feel like I need excitement, I’ll mop the floor or do the laundry while blindfolded.

Regardless of the doom bringing chaos, it has been absolutely amazing seeing the transformation. I’m excited to finish up in Duncan’s room and tackle Liv’s pack-rat nest – and get some photos posted! Shocker, I know! I’m not thrilled with a few things (the floor is definitely NOT one of them, GORGEOUS!) but overall, I’m happy to have a little color, personality, and unique LIVED-IN characteristics going on here. You think it takes me a long time to post photos? Imagine how Cameron feels with how long it takes me to HANG photos on our walls…

We’ve managed to install all the flooring in the upstairs of our house, minus our master closet that will also be hardwood after we finish the upstairs, and Cameron has officially made his way down both flights of stairs. After some paint on the risers, the stairs will be ready for their own photo shoot! So many projects… so little time.

Which reminds me… I don’t think I’ve posted the kitchen counter photos yet. Oi. Baaaaad.

Regardless of my virtual lagging, the real-time house progress continues. Wish us luck! And feel free to share any ideas for gallery walls or storage miracles for paper-loving preteen girls! Onward and upward!