Challenge #7 -and- Challenge #8

Challenge #7 -and- Challenge #8

Doubling up today so I can catch back up. Tsk tsk.



Challenge #7: What’s your dream job? My dream job. Well, to be honest, I’m really doing my dream job just being a mom. The hours are long, the pay is less than traditional, but it’s got great benefits. Well, beyond the whole missing-being-pregnant-thing. And that potty-training is like… like… yeah, it’s so traumatic, I can’t even come up with a simile. (Simile: do you feel like you’re back in 3rd grade?) It has its ups and downs, but what doesn’t, right? RIGHT?

Another in-home job, that I’d love to successfully accomplish, is writing. I’d love to be author of a book that people actually read! I’ve always loved writing and I have ridiculous amounts of writing saved from my earlier years. I’d never give up being a mom, but my kiddos go to bed at 7:30 –  can’t I do something during bedtime? Ooh, or during school hours! I’m only four years away from freedom during the day!

As far as out of the home, I think we all know the answer to that. When I originally started going to school I had my eye on an MLIS degree – Master of Library and Information Science. You know, to be a Librarian. swoon Seriously. Tell me I’ve never come off as Marian to you? We all know it’s true.

or, add a bit of Chenoweth…

And just for fun:


Onto Challenge #8: Biggest pet peeve. omg i luv this q! u r 2 funny! imho u r da bomb – holla!

Wait, what?

dats riiii!!! wut u doinnn grl?

Could I get a definition for the word “wut”?

y r u alll up n my biznes?

Wait wait, I got why, let me just try to–

OHH, dats my babby daddy, g2g!!!!!! 

… Yeah. That. Or we could just sum it all up as “deterioration of the English language” – that works too.

Pairing up worked nicely, those two fit together well. Excuse me while I go dream up a Dewey Decimal arrangement for my bookcases.