Visiting the Visitor’s Center in Salt Lake

Visiting the Visitor’s Center in Salt Lake

Riding on Cammie’s shoulders.
Salt Lake Temple
The beautiful Christus
Lil’ Family Shot
There weren’t very many photo opportunities,
so I decided to be resourceful and made my own stops…
like the stairs… here’s Liv.
Cam & D on the other stairs next to us.
The Kids & Mommy
Cammie & Livy ❤

Another family shot.
Christmas with Gma Cole

Christmas with Gma Cole

Livy’s new doll from Gma
Duncan’s Winnie the Pooh figurines from Gma
Mini quilt from Gma for the new dolly!
Such a cute little profile – cheeky baby.
The vibrating puppy – a HUGE hit!
“Ahhhhhhhh.” D loving the puppy, while vibrating, of course.

Olivia fell in love with the Nativity Gma got for me for Christmas. Here she is first with:
“Aww, look at the baby Jesus, Momma.
Momma, take a picture, momma.”
“Hi baby Jesus!”
“He’s so cute!”
[she’s VERY dramatic.]