Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

There are SO many things we want to do this summer… and of course the online lists and ideas are ENDLESS. My Aunt (and I think a couple others sent me this as well when I posted about behavioral issues right at the onset of Noschool Syndrome) sent me something that she saw that will definitely be used in my house this summer:

After some digging, I still couldn’t find the original source but it’s been changed a million different ways and people have made printable after printable. I chose this one, from Happy Home Fairy. It’s printing now!

I also love this moveable schedule, from Thriving Home, that makes it really clear what we’ll be doing each day. I may need to pick up some poster board, cut out strips, and get my sloths out of media-mode.

Every morning:

Child: “I did my chores!”

Mom: “Great! Thanks, babe.”

Child: “Now can I play Minecraft?!”

Mom in her Ideal World: “Go check the color coordinated schedule for the day!” Mhmm. A mama can dream.

But – all that aside – between our big Summer Bucket List and the BORED Chart… there’s plenty to keep us all busy!


Things we get to do with Daddy

Dates we’ve done something

Something we’ve already done!

Last updated 7/2/15

Want more ideas for your own brood? Check out my Pinterest board specifically for my nerdlings – summer ideas, crafts, things to make for the kids, snack and meal ideas, etc.



Summer has begun. It kinda happens that way. One minute it’s not, and I’m struggling to force myself out of bed each morning, and then BAM. OREGON HEAT WAVE. Must be summer. It’s July 1st after all… magic. [HAPPY CANADA DAY!] The kids, on the other hand, have been counting down the seconds. We all felt it coming but they had been salivating long before I realized that we had just weeks left.

My littlest nerdling has probably had the largest adjustment out of all of them. While Olivia and Duncan are veterans at this whole school’s-out-for-summer thing, Rachael is just starting – but she was only half day kindergarten for the majority of the year. Really, it’s not THAT big of an adjustment. She clearly doesn’t understand the fact that school is out for an extended period of time, every Sunday, “School night, mom?” But Charlotte was just getting used to the idea that the world revolved around her 8-12, every “schooday’. No siblings, no competition! Instead, we all get to listen to the consistent chorus of the oldest two bickering. ALL. DAY. LONG.

Nothing exciting going on in our summer thus far. Mostly just the typical “I’m bored” and “I hate chores”. We’ve had a few appointments, most of them have been mine. Like this morning, I had physical therapy and my Child Labor for Can of Rootbeer agreement with Olivia worked great. Babysitting for Rootbeer, who knew?! Win win, I get a quiet appointment where they scrape, claw, and dig into my arm and hand muscles (my therapist – not my kids, they’re not there, remember?) and they get to stay home, ignore their chores, and fight without me yelling at them to stop! Sounds painful, but hurts so good. (I guess for the kids too!) Granted today’s appointment was filled with my phone vibrating as they tried to text and call their tattling instead of just screaming it down the stairwell. #facepalm

While I was gone, the painters came to start work on our house. Well, not paint yet, just washing everything down. I’m excited to see some color change. Yet, also TERRIFIED. It’s scary, this is a big canvas, people. It’ll be bye bye brown for this casa, and hello gray! (Still terrified.)

That little yet, not so little… sniffle pink and blonde blob is Charlie yelling “MOM, WHY YOU AFFER DA STREET?!” from the front step. (For those that don’t speak three-year-old-er that’s “Mom, why are you across the street?”) Can you believe that little peanut is almost 3-1/2? Rachael wasn’t even that old when we moved into this house! Crazy. Between the tree in the front and the height of this girl’s vocabulary… it’s just crazy how fast time passes.

Summer bucket list will pop up tomorrow – stay tuned.

[Summer Break] Day 1: Good beginnings

[Summer Break] Day 1: Good beginnings

Don’t let the title fool you. I’d be completely overshooting myself if I claimed that I was going to write a post each day for Summer Vacation. HA. Dream on.

Regardless, today IS day one, and so far not much past what I expected. Olivia’s needing work on her attitude and already has lost her electronic privileges for the rest of the day. Welcome, Summer. Welcome.

We’re also starting our new Summer Check Lists and went over how the NEW (and improved, of course) allowances will work. I got the idea from  a blog called 71 Toes, which is a modified version of the plan in this book – and of course Pinterest led me there! So anyway, they pay their kids their age, ie child is 10, so he/she gets $10 a week. We, however, cannot afford $21 a week in payout to the kids! (9 + 7 + 4 + 1 = 21) Eesh! We’ve made our own changes to make it work for our family and I’ll share more on that when we have some more experience under our belts with the method and how it’s holding up.

In other news, we saw two birds out the window this afternoon, “being cute”. The first thing I noticed were the brilliant colors on the darker bird’s shoulders. After a quick Google search and upon entering our bird’s characteristics, we discovered the one bird was a Red-winged Blackbird.

red-winged blackbird illustration

The illustration really does not do the bird justice, the wing color is outstanding – makes it easy to spot, too. What we couldn’t understand, was what the bird was doing. He’d fly out into the field and then come back to a bird that sat on the fence post. He did this three different times. It almost looked like he was bringing her food. But the other bird, the one on the post, looked NOTHING like the Blackbird – I didn’t think birds of different kinds [ETA: GENERA, plural for genus. GO GOOGLE!] would mate. [ETA: From what I’ve read, it looks like closely related birds of the same family and genus can mate and create hybrids.]

So we took some pictures, watched them for a few minutes and I sat down to post while the kids ran around doing their normal craziness. It wasn’t until I went to find a better photo of the Red-winged Blackbird, and to figure out if there was maybe a slight visible difference between sexes, that I stumbled on these two photos further down the page:

Just a LITTLE different, wouldn’t you say?! The kids are now convinced that the brown bird (also known as, the Red-winged Blackbird FEMALE bird) is a mama and that the daddy must be bringing her food because she’s so tired with all those egg-babies in her tummy. Sure! Why not! Needless to say, we’ll definitely be doing more of this this summer.

The kids then turned their bird-watching into some Naturalist Playdoh molding:

Duncan, as you can clearly see, was VERY particular. He wanted his bird photographed from the top, the front, the back, AND the side. He was proud of his details. Rachael started making snakes, then the kids claimed they MUST be worms for the birds to eat. She wasn’t too into that idea.

More chaos tomorrow.